Nicholas Parfitt had been a barrister for about 16 years when he decided to apply for judicial appointment as a District Judge.

District judges are full-time judges who deal with the majority of cases in the county courts. The work of district judges involves a wide spectrum of civil and family law cases such as claims for damages and injunctions, possession proceedings against mortgage borrowers and property tenants, divorces, child proceedings, domestic violence injunctions and insolvency proceedings.      

"I realised that being a judge could be a role I would enjoy when I was doing jury service, this gave me the experience of listening to advocates rather than being one. At the same time I happened to see the JAC's advert for a role as District Judge.

"After submitting my application I was invited to sit a qualifying test. There was a lot to cover in the time available but I found it enjoyable. Considering and answering the test questions confirmed my interest in becoming a judge. Before my interview I discussed it with someone who had recently been in a similar situation as the last interview I did was for pupillage.

"I found the whole selection process very engaging. So far it has been everything I was hoping for. It is different to my role in practice and I enjoy the exposure I get to a much wider range of people and problems, all of which make it a very rewarding position."