Teresa Carter-Johnson has been a lay panel member since 2004. She was previously Head of Recruitment for American Express UK.

“When this role came up I had just taken voluntary redundancy as Head of Recruitment for Amex UK to get a better balance of work and family. It has been ideal, I’m using my recruitment skills at a senior level while developing expertise in a completely new area.

“I have an extensive background in recruitment and retention. During my time at Amex we were able to 'tap in' to some innovative recruitment approaches and were one of the first companies to fully embrace competency based interviewing. I also helped develop the in-house recruitment training for managers.

“For the JAC I have undertaken both panel chair and panel member roles and both are enjoyable. The chair role obviously has more responsibility and can be time consuming. The role of panel member suits me best as I have caring responsibilities.

“The JAC runs a thorough and fair process that allows all applicants an equal opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for the role.

“The competencies needed are always clearly identified but sometimes a candidate chooses a poor example to demonstrate the competence or ability.  If this happens during an interview the panel do their best to elicit as much relevant evidence as time will allow.  However if an application form has been poorly completed then the panel can only base their decision on the information on the form.

“I am aware that some candidates, although very experienced in their day job, may not be familiar with the interview process.  The JAC provides some very useful training for potential applicants to help with the application and interview, which is well worth pursuing.   

“My role is always interesting and varied. The calibre of the candidates we interview is often exceptional and the roles we recruit for are arguably some of the most important jobs in the country.”