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s9(1): Authorisation to act as a judge of the High Court - Fixed Term

Closing date:  19 January, 2016 - 13:00

Salary:  £848 per day

Location:  Various - across England and Wales

There are 38 vacancies across England and Wales as shown in the table below.

Region Family QB Civil QB Admin QB Mercantile Chancery
  SE   9   1      
  London   2        
  RCJ   2         
  Midlands   1   2    2     1
  NE   4   2     1   2
  Western   3   1      
  Wales   1        
  Northern   2   1       1
  Total   24   7   2   1   4


Section 9(1) authorised judges may be invited to sit anywhere in England and Wales therefore must be prepared to sit outside London.

Successful candidates will be authorised to act as judges of the High Court for a four year fixed term and could be deployed to sit across any of the three divisions of the High Court, subject to approval of the senior judiciary.

Please note that judicial office holders will keep their existing terms and conditions.

The information page gives full details of the exercise process and further useful details concerning the post.

Competency framework

Throughout the exercise you will be assessed against the competency framework for a deputy High Court judge and you will have to provide specific examples in your Expression of Interest to demonstrate your suitability for the role.


To be considered for authorisation you must meet the eligibility requirements for this post.

Welsh language is essential for the Family post in Wales. Additionally candidates for the post in Wales need to have an understanding, or the ability to acquire the understanding, of the administration of justice in Wales, including legislation applicable to Wales and Welsh devolution arrangements.

Statement of Suitability

Your expression of interest for authorisation will have to be supported by a Statement of Suitability from your leadership judge.  You will have to provide us with the name of a suitable person and we will contact them once applications have closed. 


The first stage is a paper sift. A sift panel, consisting of a High Court Judge/Tribunal Judge and a JAC panel chair, will consider the information provided on your application including the self-assessment, questions on your written work and career history.  The sift will take place between 15 February and 19 February 2016. Individual feedback will be provided after sift for unsuccessful candidates.

Selection Days

Selection days will be held between Wednesday 6 April 2016 and Thursday 14 April 2016.  You must be available to attend on one of these dates and should state your availability in the relevant section of the online application.

The information page gives full details of the exercise process and further useful details concerning the post.