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Fee-paid Medical Members of the First-tier Tribunal, Health, Education and Social Care Chamber (Mental Health) and Fee-paid Medical Members of the Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales

Closing date:  13 February, 2018 - 13:00

Salary:  Approximately £478 a day

Location:  Across England and Wales


Fersiwn Cymraeg


The JAC has been asked to identify up to 80 candidates to recommend for the post of Fee-paid Medical Members of the First-tier Tribunal, Health Education and Social Care Chamber (HESC) and 10 to recommend as Fee-paid Medical Members of the Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales (MHRT Wales).

Number of applications: 166

Number of recommendations: 85 for HESC and 15 for MHRT Wales. Further data on this exercise, including diversity data, will be published by the JAC as part of its annual official statistics bulletin.

About the tribunals

HESC and MHRT Wales are responsible for deciding upon the necessity for the continued compulsory detention of mentally disordered patients in hospital or the continuation of a conditional discharge, guardianship, or a community treatment order.

The powers of the Tribunal are significant, with a responsibility to balance the liberty of the subject with potentially serious risk to the patient, their families and the public.

Tribunals are composed of three members; one legal member, one medical member and one specialist lay member. Tribunal hearings are usually held in private and most take place in hospitals. During the hearing, medical members are required to advise on and explain medical terminology and technicalities; to question the patient's doctor in relation to the patient's history, progress, treatment, prognosis and future care and to question other witnesses as agreed amongst the panel; and to participate fully in the decision making after the hearing has concluded, including contributing to the drafting of the decision.

As and when required, medical members may also be required to examine the patient prior to a hearing.

Who can apply

To be eligible to apply candidates must have unconditional registration with the General Medical Council as a fully registered medical practitioner.

Candidates must also have held a full-time or part-time appointment as a consultant psychiatrist for at least three years, one of which should normally be within the last five years, and have membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists at any of the following levels:

  • Member
  • Fellow
  • Specialist associate

A licence to practice is not required.

About the appointment

Vacancies are available across England (HESC) and Wales (MHRT Wales). Members are expected to make themselves available to the tribunal for at least 20 days a year for HESC and 15 days a year for MHRT Wales.

For HESC, the daily fee is £473.69 and for MHRT Wales it is £476. If a patient examination is required, medical members will receive an additional fee of £177.50 in HESC and £176 in MHRT Wales.

Further information

For further information and an informal discussion for posts in England contact Dr Joan Rutherford, Chief Medical Member or Gabrielle Millner, Deputy Chief Medical Member

For further information about posts in Wales contact Julie Freeman, Business Manager, MHRT Wales, tel: 03000253951

Check the website regularly for updates and sign up for alerts to receive email notifications concerning the progress of the exercise up to launch.