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Drainage Members of the Agricultural Land Tribunal for Wales

Closing date:  14 March, 2018 - 16:00

Location:  Wales


The JAC has been asked to identify five candidates to recommend for the post of Drainage Member of the Agricultural Land Tribunal for Wales. This competition launched on 28 February 2018.

The Agricultural Land Tribunal plays an important role in determining disputes relating to the drainage of agricultural land as well disputes and other issues between agricultural landlords and tenants arising from tenancy agreements.

Although the tribunal is funded by the Welsh Government, the tribunal, its members and decisions are independent of central and local government.

About the tribunal

There are currently 25 members of the tribunal; a legally qualified chairperson who is the judicial lead of the tribunal, responsible for its members and decisions; a deputy chairperson who is also legally qualified; and 23 lay members selected for their expertise and knowledge of drainage, farming and/or landowner matters.

Tribunal hearings are conducted by a panel of three; either the chairperson or deputy chairperson and two lay members. In matters relating to the restoration or improvement of ditches, one of the lay members must be experienced in matters relating to the drainage of land.

Tribunal hearings will usually be held in public and take place near to the land in question. The parties to a case are entitled to give evidence and call witnesses.

Key terms and conditions

Appointment as a lay member is for a (renewable) period of five years, subject to the upper age limit of 70.

A lay member is called upon to sit and to undertake other prescribed duties as the need arises. The frequency of sittings depends upon the workload of the Tribunal and on the commitments of the office holder, although lay members will usually be expected to make themselves available to the tribunal for approximately five days a year.

Tribunal hearings are conducted across all regions of Wales. Candidates must be available to hear cases and travel independently throughout Wales and be able to stay overnight where necessary.

Although there is no fee, travel and subsistence will be payable in line with current Welsh Government rates and members will receive a payment for financial loss, currently £64 a day.

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