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Fee-paid Valuer Chairmen and Fee-paid Valuer Members of the First-tier Tribunal Property Chamber (Residential Property)

Closing date:  19 June, 2019 - 13:00

Applications open:   5 June 2019

Number of vacancies:   28: 19 Valuer Members and 9 Valuer Chairs

Fee for Member:   £313.20 a day

Fee for Chair:   £501.52 a day (£519.70 in London)

Locations:   Southern, London, Midlands, Eastern and Northern regions

The JAC has been asked to identity 19 Fee-paid Valuer Chairs and Fee-paid Valuer Members of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) Residential Property.

Residential Property Tribunal

The First-tier Tribunal, Residential Property Tribunal handles applications, appeals and references about disputes over property and land. The Valuer Members and Chairs sit in the residential division of the Property Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal. The types of cases dealt with include:

  • disputes about private sector rents
  • disputes about residential leasehold management, including the pay-ability of service charges
  • valuation for enfranchisement and lease extension
  • disputes about the right to buy where a property is considered to be particularly suitable for the elderly
  • disputes about park homes
  • appeals against local authority notices about the condition of a property and appeals about houses in multiple occupation

About the role

The main activities of a Valuer Member include:

  • considering evidence, oral, in writing and from inspection, so as, together with other members of the tribunal, to reach a decision by applying the law relevant to the issue(s) under consideration
  • fulfilling initial and continuing training requirements. Attending training days and meetings as and when required, and keeping up to date with current procedures and practices

In addition, the Chair’s activities include:

  • chairing tribunals (and holding case management and preliminary hearings where appropriate)
  • managing the hearing and ensuring there is a structured discussion of the issues, and the giving of directions where appropriate
  • writing up the reasons for the decision

Who can apply

These are non-legal posts for candidates who are Members or Fellows of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Candidates are expected to have knowledge, including reasonable experience in the practice of, valuation in the jurisdictions of the Residential Property division of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber).

For Chairs, some experience of court/tribunal or similar work such as arbitrator, magistrate or expert witness is desirable.

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